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Sunday, March 21, 2010

You gotta love food and cooking to get a Vita Mix for your anniversary

It's not like getting or giving a vacuum cleaner...really. This is one utilitarian gift that truly rises above the cries of, "You didn't really get an appliance for your anniversary, did you?"

Truth be told, my dear spouse wanted one of these way more than I did. Just a day into owning a Vita Mix, though, I have to admit that I am becoming a convert. This machine rocks. In fact, it might be able to grind rocks into a smooth puree. (No, not really, so don't try it.) It certainly makes fast work of just about anything else you want to turn into soup, or a smoothie. Want a little more texture? Just back off on the speed and time. Or put some ingredients into the mix later. (By the way, it also makes healthy cooking easier.)

At the moment I am thinking about a container of leftover three-bean stew on the counter. Hmmm...add a little vegetable stock...toss in a bunch of cilantro...give it a buzz...might make a fine soup.

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Arkelanor said...

When we got married, the only "electrodomestic" he and I requested was a Vitamix, but nobody gave it to us... so we boughtone ourselves!

After a couple of months, we looooove our VM. We've done daily shakes, our own raw almond butter, soups, sauces, salsas... it's so versatile! I even made up my own potato garlic soup recipe among many other creations, so it even makes you be creative in the kitchen while staying healthy. LOVE IT!