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Monday, March 15, 2010

Help us build this blog

This blog is dedicated to helping people live better lives through better nutrition. It's centered, quite obviously, around the philosophies and lifestyle that helped Olympic two-time gold medal winner Garrett Weber-Gale excel at a world-class level. What most people don't realize is that they, too, can eat better and live better. Simple recipes, nutrition tips, easy ways to stay healthier...these things and more will be included here.

Now we need your help.

The AthleticFoodieTM blog is obviously kind of a mess so far with an ill-defined design and an unclear editorial focus. We want it to be what readers want it to be. What should we include? News feeds? Reader submissions such as recipes, videos, photos? A nutrition forum? Video on cooking healthy food? Training tips?

All great ideas welcome! Just add them as comments.



Melissa G said...

Training tips would be great! As a world-class swimmer & Olympian, I think Garrett has a lot of insight about how to fuel your body for training. But you could also interview other athletes in different sports for their perspectives on diet & training. Ultraman Rich Roll, who eats a plant-based diet, would be a good pick. And I'm sure many athletes have other health/diet challenges, like Garrett's high blood pressure, that have to be taken into account when training (diabetes, food allergies, etc). You could also highlight interesting articles, like this one for example: "Different Workouts Produce Different Food Cravings" http://ow.ly/1llMZ

Another suggestion is to do "Day of the Week" blogs (like Twitter's Music Monday, Follow Friday, etc). I enjoy this on the "Food & Water" Blog with Tuesday Tweet of the Week & Friday Food Fact and Mike Gustafson's blog on Swimnetwork with Monday Medley.

You could also encourage reader participation by spotlighting a different person each week & having them do a 5-10 question survey. Or small giveaways (t-shirts, food samples, etc) are another good way to garner more participation/retweeting/comments on blogs.

Lastly, I would love to see stories about how diet/exercise have helped people (athletes AND regular people) achieve better health. For me, obviously, this has meant becoming vegan. Videos & recipes to accompany this would be nice!

Sorry for the long comment but I got on a roll! Looking forward to seeing the end result :)


Mark Gale said...

Whoa...Melissa...really good comments. Thanks for the insight. We will definitely employ some of those ideas.

Muu said...

He (IC) should have his own blog/space, please.

Muu said...
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Muu said...

Ready to take part. :)

Kaitlin said...

Encouraging reader participation/interaction is a great idea! Recipes, photos, videos, etc.

I'd also enjoy seeing more healthy cooking videos.